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Top 10 Best Mobile Analytics Tools for 2024

More InsightsTop 10 Best Mobile Analytics Tools for 2024

Since the use of mobile applications is rapidly increasing, mobile analytics, or the study of user conduct through stats is quite important for developers and is more than vital to have sound and robust analytics for the mobile app. 60% of all the website traffic is generated through mobile devices, which means that studying the behavior and engagement levels of your users on mobile applications can be valuable to the extent of boosting conversion rates, retaining customers, and increasing revenues.
Here are the 10 mobile analytics tools for 2024 to make sound decisions based on the data collected below. These elements include platform support, data quality, attribution modeling, segmentation, implement ability and pricing schemes.

  1. Amplitude
  2. Mixpanel
  3. Firebase Analytics
  4. Appsee
  5. Amazon Pinpoint
  6. Countly
  7. CleverTap
  8. Adjust
  9. Flurry Analytics
  10. Fabric Answers



Amplitude is one of the most prominent companies in the market, to start with, when it comes to mobile analytics. This is trusted by Microsoft, NBC and Deliveroo to analyze more than 2,09 billion actions per month.

Some key strengths:

  • Supports both IOS and Android & React Native App
  • High flexibility of segmentation with cohort analysis as its core ability
  • Hypothetical behavior-oriented approach for easy and effective workflow for analyzing the user actions of the website.
  • Click here to Track events such as clicks, taps, purchases, etc with the assurance of 90% data accuracy.

In a nutshell, for those who decide to look for an enterprise-grade solution by 2024, Amplitude should be regarded as a potent candidate.



Mixpanel is an effective tool for tracking user retention and product analytics as it processes up to seventy-seven billion actions monthly, and its clients include Uber, Airbnb, and Twitter.

Standout features:

  • Automatically derive events from well-known frameworks like React Native
  • This is done through setting up powerful funnels and retention reporting.
  • Engagement with A/B testing experiments
  • Allows for predictive capabilities via machine learning

Although is slightly more dev-heavy, Mixpanel is incredibly powerful, with perfectly tuned out-of-the-box analytics for 2024.

Firebase Analytics:

Firebase should be a preferred choice being officially recommended by Google for mobile analytics especially if the app you are working on utilizes Google technologies.

Notable highlights:

  • Simple integration that does not necessitate the use of an SDK.
  • Endless event reporting the platform allows up to 500 different events
  • Example of pre-defined audiences to display fundamental activities of the company.
  • Integrates well with other Google marketing services

For those who already using Google Ads or use Crashlytics, with Firebase, it is very easily accessible without any need to learn it.


Appsee has a very different approach with its main features, such as touch heatmaps, user recordings, and in-app analytics.

Key advantages:

  • Provide a touch heatmap to visually identify UX pain points
  • Room recordings to identify precise difficulties of the user
  • Custom analytics API: A robust and flexible API for building events.
  • We have also developed more basic and cost-effective plans for very young start-ups.

If such micro-level understanding of users holds the key, then capabilities of Appsee to discern 2024 behavior are unique.

Amazon Pinpoint:

Amazon Pinpoint

Based in Seattle, USA, Amazon Pinpoint is the mobile engagement wing of AWS and provides Amazon’s reliable infrastructure for analytics.

Noteworthy features:

  • Eden, a React components library, is fully integrated with AWS Amplify.
  • Automated user segmentation
  • Subscription-based targeted messages to ensure app usage recall
  • This is not far from the fact since cost effective pricing works by only paying for what is consumed.

For those startups which are fully committed to AWS, Pinpoint offers much needed analytics without crippling operational considerations.



Open source deployed on the client’s own infrastructure and entirely lightweight, Countly is built for security-focused organizations that prefer to own their analytics technology.

Why it stands out:

  • On-premise scales and aligns well with data sovereignty requirements
  • Exploratory insights with over 23 different event figures
  • It was pointed out that Robinson projection provides the necessary support in obtaining accurate geo data.
  • The ability to modify the open-source code on the backend enables the creation of unique solutions to problems.

For those seeking more control, Countly offers extensibility and configurability for specific cases that may not fit the one-size-fits-all approach of Simter.



It is currently being used by top consumer brands like Hotstar and is a tool that packs a punch to create long term customer bond.

Notable aspects:

  • Looking for groups within your audience to use for modeling similar audiences
  • This can be achieved through multivariate testing for the optimization of the push notification.
  • The adoption model: transitioning from install to purchase
  • API access and sale provided at very reasonable price.

CleverTap presents itself as a serious marketing engagement tool for brands seeking to achieve growth in 2024.



While its core business is based on providing services to mobile measurement companies, Adjust pays great attention to running very effective attribution models.

Where it helps:

  • Advanced methods of fraud and bot detection
  • Cross-medium and cross-device attribution working beyond last click
  • Real-time data pipeline integrations partners totaling to 250+
  • Information on cost per installation for users for the purposes of inducing the acquisition of the application.

For mature companies looking for its metrics to be as ironcast as possible, Adjust has a track record across verticals.

Flurry Analytics:

Flurry Analytics

Flurry mobile analytics now owned by Verizon Media thus makes it possible to process data of over 1 billion MAU monthly active users!

Critical advantages:

  • Through competitive benchmarking, it is possible to identify media trends.
  • Revenue acquisition measures for advertising and subscription services.
  • The lightweight SDK with an optimal level of functionality appropriate for apps of any size.
  • Free mobile service up to 500 million sessions.

Flurry, which has been offering important analytics depth for free, can be accessed by both indie developers and media tycoons.

Fabric Answers:

Developed by Google and hosted on Google Cloud, Fabric Answers is bundled into Firebase for all developers to access, but can also be installed separately.

Notable Points:

  • It was a system that can automatically report a crash or a bug.
  • Targeted audiences defined before creating a Firebase.
  • The funnel visualization should be used to view possible drop off.
  • It is appropriate for early stage startups, and if you are providing a free service.

In a nutshell, it is moving convenience and integration out of the box for those who require a simple analytics solution.


Here we have presented the list of top 10 mobile analytics tools which has specific features to offer more effective way to grow in 2024 by using users’ data. The two tools are excellent in identifying behavioral cohorts through Amplitude or targeting push notifications through CleverTap, and the choice depends on technical requirements and budget.
As mobile continues to reign supreme, having the right analytics stack, which we talked about above, gives the competitive edge that both brand and developers will look forward to in the years to come. The conclusion should involve critical thinking about the essential user metrics that should be measured and identifying tools that can support decision-making. As users expect perfection at a much faster pace, sound analytics will be the ultimate strategically winning tool than 2024.

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