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How to check and Improve Your LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI).

More InsightsHow To Check And Improve Your LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI)

LinkedIn Social Selling Index abbreviated as SSI score, can be understood as the index out of 100 that LinkedIn provides to estimate your efficiency in social selling on its website. The SSI score represents your social selling activity and behaviors within LinkedIn and it will give you suggestions on how to improve the utilization of LinkedIn for selling opportunities and opportunities to sell.

There are many positive correlates with having a high SSI score. It shows good understanding on how to engage in social selling and hence help in building your professional brand. This also contributes to having more potential sales leads and actual sales conversions. This is why, people should know what the LinkedIn SSI consists of and find out about its ways of enhancement.

What Makes Up Your LinkedIn SSI Score?

LinkedIn looks at four key pillars that make up your Social Selling Index SSI score.

  1. Establish your professional brand
  2. Find the right people
  3. Engage with insights
  4. Build relationships

Establish Your Professional Brand:

This one is the heaviest and is roughly a detailed guide on your LinkedIn profile. It takes into account components like
The profile of your LinkedIn account.

Is your LinkedIn account profile filled up with data, do you have a profile picture, personalized LinkedIn background picture, etc? Network size and growth (This involves the number of 1st-degree connections that a LinkedIn user has and whether that user has been experiencing a constant growth in the number of connections.)


This layer is used to quantify your activity and involvement on LinkedIn. The components considered here include.
Content activity (In this case, do people like or share the content that you post, or do they comment on it?)
Network activity (Are you actively participating in your network by sometimes, commenting, or even liking your counterparts’ posts?)


This pillar assesses your performance within the scope of your LinkedIn usage to generate business prospects. The metrics considered are:

The number of individuals that have been directed to your website from this social media platform.
These are leads that are generated from LinkedIn rather than being referred to the platform.


The last creates examines how you manage to be updated within the LinkedIn environment. This includes:

  • There is learning in the sales navigator courses in LinkedIn.
  • Active posting and commenting in LinkedIn groups relative to the chosen topic.

It is only when you understand the nature of the various components that form your SSI that you realized which aspect you have to work on. Now I will focus on strategies for enhancing each of the five pillars.

How to Check Your LinkedIn Social Selling Index SSI Score?

Curious to know the current Social Selling Index SSI score or to compare your score with others? You can check it by

  • By navigating to the My Network tab on LinkedIn Desktop.
  • To use the Social Selling Index, one needs to click on the SSI Logo situated on the left side panel.

This will provide your total SSI score along with the pillar scores and suggestions to enhance the score according to the activity.

Remember, it is always good to check on the progress after following the social selling best practices.

Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn SSI:

Here are actionable tips to improve the 4 pillars of LinkedIn SSI.

Optimize Your Profile for Maximum Completeness:

Full account leaves an impression of professionalism and makes those who are potentially interested in the work of a particular individual know what exactly this person does. Ensure yours has

  • Just your face in a professional-looking picture that looks like a headshot.
  • A black background with white text in an appealing font is used
  • Your industry and location are two of the most important factors that will determine the investment you should make in risk management.
  • A summary section that will state the proposition as to why the reader should consider your product.
  • We posted work experience and education, as in many cases it is the first time applicants get through a vacancy.
  • The competencies also identified key skills and expertise areas as another category of competencies.
  • Your website and or blog address, and any social media accounts you may have

Also obtain recommendations and referrals from past employers, customers, subordinates, etc.

Expand Your Network Steadily:

  • As important as perfecting your own profile on the LinkedIn website is, it is also important to know who you are linked to. To boost your network
  • Slowly increase participation in your first level connections using invitation messages that are tailored for each of them.
  • Engage with those using your content and shares most.
  • To increase awareness, it is best to follow other companies active within your niche market
    Ideas for posting on groups include linking to active LinkedIn groups and getting in touch with involved members.

Interact Regularly with Your Network:

To increase engagement by

  • Post news and items of interest that can be shared with your followers.
  • Engage your network on their posts regularly by liking their comments and adding your two cents.
  • Endorse connections or recommend them for other products they may require.
  • In addition, from a relationship perspective, use the InMail frequently for follow-up and to check in with people.

Optimize Sharing to Drive More Site Traffic:

To get more people visiting your website through LinkedIn

  • Starting from creating a blog and writing blog posts, they have to share blog posts with properly filled meta descriptions.
  • Promote oneself and the company on LinkedIn by posting genuinely helpful tips and information in forums and groups, while also including a link to the website.
  • Make your shares relevant, based on the interests of the people you want to engage more with on social media.
  • Add lead magnet content offer in the post and messages section.

Take LinkedIn Learning Courses:

As for the “Develop” score of SSI, it will be increased by completing the courses in LinkedIn Learning presenting themes, such as social selling or digital marketing, which will develop real-world competencies.

In the end, we understand the method on how you can check your linked-in SSI score as well as tips on how to boost it is an ideal way of enhancing faster sales prospecting and establishing you as a professional within the industry. Begin today to apply the above tips and observe your SSI increase every week. If you are willing to ask any other questions, please feel free to do so.

FAQs About the LinkedIn Social Selling Index Score:

What is a good SSI score on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn uses a range of 50 to 100 to measure an SSI score, with anything above 50 being good and anything above 80 being excellent. In this rating, where the maximum score is 100, try to reach and stay at least in the 70+ range for the best social selling outcomes.

Why is my LinkedIn SSI score so low?
The most probable causes for receiving a score lower than expected include: an open profile; a small number of connections; infrequent or rare interaction with the contacts; and infrequently sharing posts. Using the 4 pillars, one can look for specific areas to apply improvement interventions.

How often does LinkedIn update SSI scores?

Getting SSI scores does not give real-time data in most instances. LinkedIn refreshes them once a week, specifically on Thursday, to include all the activities done the previous week. Thus, day by day, the changes from week to week might appear as relatively insignificant increments.

Does social selling on LinkedIn really generate more leads?

Indeed, the increased level of social selling that is involving sharing useful content and interacting with the followers leads to higher profile visits, recommendations, and sales interest. According to the survey, 80% of social sellers specifically saw enhancing relationships as having a direct positive impact on the quality of leads.

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